Inner solidarity – Yosantos Delimeray’s source of intuition

Luck, success and love are what people wish for the most. This results if we are in a deeper state of solidarity with ourselves. This solidarity cannot be achieved by us by way of thinking. We have to become one with ourselves. In just a few conscious moments, we experience this solidarity – those are moments in which we open our perception to our intuition.

Life is like a flowing river. In this perspective, thinking is not part of the flow of things, but things that are flowing. It leads us in the right direction. The more synchronised thinking is with the flow of life, the less resistance there is and the more we are carried throughout life and are deeply connected to it.

As a source of inspiration, thinking causes individuality. Oriented with the flow of life, thinking leads to luck, success and love. We experience solidarity with the flow of life as intuition. Let’s allow our thinking be inspired by intuition and live a truly fulfilled life.


We all know inspiration to be the impulse within a phase of relaxation. Sometimes, intuition occurs as a reminder of what should still be taken care of. Sometimes as a feeling of what you should or shouldn’t do, sometimes as a sudden inspiration for a situation or issue that has not yet been solved – or in many other facets.

Intuition always appears in connection with relaxation, never under the pressure of time or stress. Even if we struggle, there is no access to our intuition because it requires fun, happiness and true liveliness as a prerequisite. In trouble mode and under stress, we are separated from the flow of life.