“We live in a dangerous age. Mankind has ruled over nature before it learned to rule over itself.”

Albert Schweitzer

High-frequency electromagnetic fields – the underestimated biological effect

Today, mobile communication has become part of everyday life as it is much-used – sometimes more intensely, sometimes more extensively.

Mobile communication makes life easier and, to some extent, also quicker, more comfortable and more efficient – seen from a technical perspective. Therefore, it has become essential for daily life.

But the technology has to be oriented to both people and biological systems – it may not damage this, much less destroy it. People have ignored this principle for decades and centuries. One thinks of the wood preservative scandal, nuclear energy with its consequences of accident as well as disposal, which has not been solved, of asbestos, nanotechnology, pesticides, biocides and genetic engineering, heavy metal contamination, depleted-uranium ammunition… You could continue the examples of environmental pollution many pages long.

Mobile communication is a further example. It does not only concern individuals, but also the world at large. It is as if people smoked everywhere and as if it were commonplace to always have to breathe in smoke everywhere. We are burdened by the electromagnetic fields of the mobile communication nearly everywhere.

There is a thermal effect and an athermal effect.

Thermal effect

The limit value of the thermal effect considers that the heat is led away by the devices on and in the head through the circulation of blood without damages occurring due to the heat. Above all, this is important for the eyes since these are not perfused with blood and the heat cannot be discharged over the blood.

The limit values for mobile transmitters are only oriented on thermal effects and, in Germany, are according to frequency ranging from 2,500,000 to 10,000,000 μW / m² (microwatt / m²).

Athermal effect

The athermal effect is the biologically more effective portion of the electromagnetic fields. The frequencies of mobile communication technology lie in the mega- to the gigahertz range. Most of the time, these frequencies are switched on or off several times a second due to technical reasons. By means of this, a so-called “pulsing” comes to be.

The pulsing lies, for example, for WLAN at 10 impulses / second, for a mobile at 217 impulses / second – in standby mode at 2 magnetic field impulses / second. In addition to high frequency components, the pulse frequency seems to have a significant effect on biological systems. 10 impulses / second for WLAN have effects on cerebral activities that generate the alpha waves and reduce access to intuition.

Mobile communication technology uses a low pulsed high-frequency undulatory radiation. In many studies and research projects, the biological effects have been shown. Among other things, the electromagnetic fields can

• lead to the oxidative stress of cells which causes changes and disorders to the EEG.

• result in opening the blood-brain barrier. Blood constituents can penetrate into the brain that do not belong there, such as toxins and proteins.

• lead to chromosome changes. Consequently, the WHO has classified mobile communication radiation as possibly cancer-causing.

The intensity of the electromagnetic fields outside in cities is partially more than over 1,000 μW / m², but everyone establishes the actual burden themselves on an individual basis, for example by having their own mobile communication senders in flats and offices (WLAN routers) or via handy when making telephone calls.

Caution: Tablet PC in your lap exceeds the recommendations made by the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (Union for the Environment and Nature Conservation in Germany.) 30,000 over!
Tablet PC with WLAN, 19 cm (distance) 32 .000 μW/m2
WLAN router, 20 cm 205.000 μW/m2
WLAN access point, 20 cm 149.000 μW/m2
Laptop, 50 cm 27.000 μW/m2
Recommendation of he Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (Union for the Environment and Nature Conservation in Germany.) 1 μW/m2
Table from “Diagnose Funk“, an environmental and consumer organisation the protection against electromagnetic radiation, Aug. 2013 – 1st Edition

When telephoning with a mobile phone, even higher levels of field intensities arise around the head. The natural background radiation in the range of 1 GHz – 1 THz (Neitzke) is 0.0000005 μW / m².

In order to be in the state of the awakened mind and to increase the level of your efficiency and effectiveness, you should avoid low-pulsed high-frequency undulatory radiation such as mobile communication and especially WLAN as much as possible. From a certain radiation intensity – duration and radiation character – irreparable damages can result in to the nerve structure (particularly in the case of children and adolescents) that can also involve severe diseases and behavioral changes.

The information provided by Barrie Trower, the retired manager and instructor of the microwave weapons department of the secret service, MI 6 show an enormously high level of damage to DNA caused by WLAN, particularly in children: Children run the risk of transmit these genetic damages to their children and hence, from generation to generation.

The secretly classified documents contain instructions to not pass this knowledge, which is based on thousands of research reports, on to the public so as to not damage the industry. We would be happy to send you Barrie Trower’s documents and the presentation, which has been translated into German.
=> No WLAN in schools!
Information about the effects of the electromagnetic fields within the scope of mobile communications in the German-speaking region, among other things:

On his website, Maes offers an interesting overview on radiation exposure under the heading “Limit values for mobile radio waves”: Reference values, recommendations, biological thresholds, effects, comparisons.

High-frequency electromagnetic fields – the underestimated biological effect