“Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.“

Khalil Gibran

Intuitive leadership

At the leadership level, we work even more frequently without having enough facts than in management – this is because it has nothing to do with factual issues (which machine should I buy and should I buy one at all or should I outsource production?), but with human issues instead. Also here, I must decide, but also lead, manage and motivate – and in this connection, I must know who this person is; what are his wishes, abilities, beliefs, ideas; what is he thinking; what can he really do (many people do not know this of themselves so well)? Does he fit in the team; how can I motivate him at a personal level and how can I also sometimes say “no” to him allowing him to perceive it as being supportive and not derogatory.

Many know these issues in daily life from seminars. One learns techniques that are surely helpful. However, are these techniques always suitable and isn’t there something complementary, more individual?

Active intuition also comes into play here. Intuitive leadership offers the active possibility of being guided by internal inspirations: to find out what the ideal solution is in the current situation – or how one creates situations which enable for optimum level of leadership to be practised.

For example, you would like to hire another employee: You have to decide on hiring someone without really knowing him or reject someone without really being able to evaluate them.

Intuitive leadership enables active access to information that does not even exist in the here and now – this is the level where we should be managing, working and living.

Intuitive leadership allows decisions to be made that are highly beneficial to other people and to yourself.

Intuitive leadership can be used in a variety of ways, both on a private as well as a professional level. Professionally in dealing with employees, privately in relations with family, extended family, with children and friends.

Pubescent adolescents are a miraculous training ground for intuitive leadership – an opportunity to practise, to provide orientation.

Intuitive leadership sees reality, provides support to life using recognition and wisdom, thereby leading to success.

Intuitive leadership offers us the possibility to understand people with regard to their whole sense of being, to support and manage in an inspiring manner.