“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.“

Galileo Galilei

Training intuition

Developing the abilities so that we are able to actively implement and use intuitive management, intuitive leadership and intuitive creativity is difficult at first sight – this is because there are a lot of internal voices. But as you will see, the intuitive abilities are surprisingly easy to activate. After only one weekend in nature, you have your natural enhanced perception at your disposal once again. You will have access to the essence of nature again – or you do not have to pay for the training. (invoice and payment not until after training – after your success.)

After another weekend, you will have active access to your intuitive level, the level of internal inspirations; and after another weekend, you can also apply what you have learned actively within the scope of management, leadership and everyday life at work.

Using active intuition, you considerably increase your level of success. You can develop your life “deriving from your own personality itself” and adapt it afterwards, in the everyday life as well as when facing big life decisions. You can actively manage yourself with the information from intuition, receive knowledge which is personally important for you, for example, for your relationship, your success, your life – always with deep connection to your inner being, to yourself.

The requirement for decision-makers in business is not only efficiency – this is often pronounced very well – but above all effectiveness.

Efficiency: Doing things right. Effectiveness: Doing the right things.

Effectiveness is at a low level in many areas of life, just as the overview of the “whole picture” of an issue is. However, being able to view the whole picture is required for success, required for successful strategically tactical thinking and actions.

Here, intuitive management, intuitive leadership and intuitive creativity offer astonishing possibilities.

The active intuition offers the requirements for a high level of effectiveness.