“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Requirements for active intuition

There are no professional requirements: Every person can take part in the training and learn intuition actively in management, in leadership and creativity. Adults as well as adolescents – all people who have interest in developing themselves further, whether it be in their profession, upbringing, in school or in their studies.

There are personally requirements: In order to learn actively, freeing the brain from stress is required. You must be able to relax, daydream, imagine internal pictures in your mind, be creative and full of fantasy and be eager to further develop your personality.

From your everyday life and your experiences, you know that you narrow your focus when under stress. You fade out what surrounds you to both the right and left and focus solely on implementing the job – you try to raise your level of efficiency. This does not allow any internal inspirations, no correction of the direction with the activity at hand, no reflexion, no change to the approach, no new reorientation of the job, the objective. Everything that makes up effectiveness is not possible during the work being performed under stress.

In the case of active intuition, you need the opposite to stress. They need to free the brain of stress for an enhanced sense of perception: You should avoid the burden of mobile communication, DECT, WLAN, etc. before the seminar (you should avoid this in general), because these electromagnetic fields generate oxidative stress within cells – and apparently even much more.