“The momentum of life is learning.“


3. Training weekend

“Intuitive Management — Intuitive Leadership — Intuitive Creativity“

You are confronted with decision-making challenges without having to decide knowing 100% of the facts. Intuitive management, the intuitive leadership and intuitive creativity help you to recognise background circumstances and connections in order to make optimal decisions based on them. You reduce fear and insecurity and promote stability in the organisation of both the work and living circumstances.

On both days of training, you will actively use your intuition. In the four weeks before the seminar, you write down decisions and situations experienced in areas of your life - professional and personal - also the decisions which you have not made or not yet, and practice verifying and validating your decisions and situations using your intuition.

You learn to develop “internal leadership” at the intuitive level, learn to be able to reflect and adapt again and again within the scope of your work and life. With the intuitively steered internal leadership you are able to develop intuitive leadership outwardly - to perceive and lead people in general, as well as employees, comprehensively (e.g., by means of the name or a photo) and face them with leadership qualities. You learn about intuition, to assess situations properly and to devise optimal measures of action, not only based upon the situation, but also over the long term, holistically orientated.

In seminar, you do not learn any management, leadership or creative techniques that are without a doubt important and significant. These technologies come from the beta range of the brain waves - see the chapter “The Awakened Mind".

In reality, you learn to take advantage of your intuition. Using intuition, you actively raise your level of creativity, your fantasy, your inspirations - and your effectiveness in life. You are able to align and implement your strategies and plans in an optimal manner.


Dates on request

Seminar programme

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Price including lunch and beverages:

Price including lunch and beverages: 550 € plus VAT
(For private individuals, special rates are possible)

Course instructor

Lothar Moll