“We hear a lot, but we actually only hear if we allow the confused voices to die out, allowing only a single voice to speak“

Meister Eckhart

2. Training weekend

“Active Intuition — The Voice of Intuition“

You learn on the first day - partially in the midst of nature, partially in the seminar rooms - to develop and perceive the voice of intuition. With the voice of the intuition, you have conscious and active access to your informational level of the internal inspirations which you have already known throughout your life more or less. Concepts arise from these sources - and you can steer and generate this at a much more conscious level than up until this point – so that life can lead you because you are able to allow yourself to be led by life. You also learn to recognise and use coincidence and implement it to your own advantage.

You develop a deep sense of attachment to the nature of intuition, its knowledge and wisdom and, through this, also a new understanding about yourself, a more comprehensive love for yourself.

You learn to use the voice of intuition in your areas of life efficiently.

On the second day, under the guidance of your intuition, being similar to autogenous training, you will learn to actively allow healing energy to flow through your body and align it. You will also learn to influence the ageing process of your body.


Dates on request

Seminar programme

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Price including lunch and beverages:

Price including lunch and beverages: 550 € plus VAT
(For private individuals, special rates are possible)

Course instructor

Lothar Moll