“Evidence can be found using logic, but no new knowledge can be attained. That is what intuition is for.“


Intuitive management

The most important decision is that you make the decision – to decide. This is because, only if you decide, will you then be the one who is creative and creates, otherwise others will do this – perhaps not in quite the way you would like.

How many decisions do you make without knowing 100% of the facts? In the case of innovative decisions, this concerns almost all of them because there are simply not enough facts available or cannot be available.

However, the challenge is not only the lack of facts, but also the quickly growing level of time pressure under which decisions are expected and required – without the opportunity of obtaining sufficient information, research and market analyses, often also based on grounds regarding time and cost.

Then, how do you decide? Mostly depending on mood, which is a mixture of thought, feeling, rationality and emotion. Seldom do you then have inner inspirations at your disposal when you need them.

Exactly these inner inspirations, however, are what make a decision “correct”.

You know inner inspirations from your own life. They occur coincidentally – passively – , at a subconscious or unconscious level that cannot be consciously generated for most people when they require information for decisions.

Intuitive management offers active and conscious access to information lying within our intuition, to inner inspirations. With that, you are capable of consciously communicating with this subconscious informational level and capable of working actively and productively. Therefore, you make these decisions based upon an optimum base of information.

Intuitive management can be used in all areas of life, both in professional and private environment, during leisure time, with family and children (e.g. when they are ill), during the development and orientation of life – always when you have to make a decision on something.

Sure decisions – based on professional knowledge and intuition – offer a solid life foundation for a fulfilling and successful life.