The levels of decision

You can make decisions based on three levels.
· from the mind – logic, the mind, reason
· from the gut – feeling, emotions
· from the solar plexus and heart chakra – intuition, internal inspirations

If you make your decisions from all 3 levels, you will have the biggest success rate
· from the mind you decide on the intentions, direction and purpose
· from the emotions, based of earlier experiences, you decide how these experiences made you feel and how your feelings, your emotions are today regarding this
· from intuition, you decide using information deriving from a level of life entailing inner inspirations that are, for the most part, unknown and inaccessible to you up to this point.

An example of the three levels before making a decision from everyday life: I want to buy a used car.
· based upon reason, I make a decision on if I should purchase a two- or four-seater vehicle or van, what level of motorisation, which technical features, the price
· from the emotions, I choose the colour, the shape, and, maybe, the make of car

After a long and intensive search, I found the car and am just about to sign the contract.

Thereby, a spark of information occurs to me indicating that it is not good – intuition speaks.

However, I still sign, giving priority to the other levels of decisions over intuition. After a quarter year has passed, the car has engine trouble; this costs me € 9,000 and after half a year, gear trouble costs me another € 6,000… That was an expensive car.

Based upon intuition, the information that I should not have bought the car was available. By appropriately examining the situation using active intuition, you would have had the ability to find out the reason behind it: because of technical defects – this information was not available originating from reason and emotions alone.

In addition to the known decision-making levels, reason (mind) and emotions (gut feeling), it is a goal to keep intuition (solar plexus and heart chakra) at your disposal, i.e. to activate it, make room for it.

If you make your decisions from all 3 levels, you will have the biggest success rate.