“We all know more than we know we know.“

Thornton Wilder

Intuition, another form of intelligence

Passive intuition and active intuition

Creative ideas are not »thought up«, but are a result of us coming to peace with our thoughts using intuition and our inner inspirations.

GIACOMO PUCCINI is alleged to have said “…that his greatest opera “Madame Butterfly” can from God and that he wrote what had originated from a godly source.“

In its 7/2005 edition, the KMU Magazine (magazine for small and medium-sized businesses) reported that 76% of all creative ideas arise outside of one’s own business. A study from the St. Gallen University showed that over a third of ideas can be found in nature (28%). Almost half of the ides in the company (10%) are thought up during boring meetings (when people are not in focus mode). Over 90% of the spontaneous ideas are not implemented; they get lost again in our daily conscious. The ideas cannot be generated voluntarily, but appear like a flicker of light and then disappear again.

Often they are remembered exactly like a dream that can be perceived and remembered upon awaking, but after opening your eyes, the connection and the memory are gone. This perception is passive. – I call it “passive intuition”.

How about it if intuition did not just occur incidentally, but if you could call up information both on a conscious and active level? Conscious with reference to the topic, conscious with reference to the point in time. Right when you need it – in active communication and cooperation. – I call it “active intuition”.

That is the ideal solution – that is the opposite of burnout – that is relaxation, joie de vivre, success, and makes you happy and satisfied.

In this connection, a balance of brain activity is required, an especially distinct alpha range (from 8 – 14 Hz) that forms a bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. » See chapter “The Awakened Mind.“